All You Need to Know About DC High Voltage Contactors

DC High Voltage Contactors

All You Need to Know About DC High Voltage Contactors

HVDC contractors are one of the most critical components in an electric system. This is  because they ensure that the various users have a successful operation by regulating the transfer of electricity. These specific equipment are designed for high voltage dc contactor suppliers in china. These are particular features that make them imperative in many disciplines.

About High Voltage DC Contactor:

DC High Voltage Contactors are special switches that control and interrupt HV DC flow. These vital parts are designed to deal with the challenges posed by the high voltages experienced in electricity. Hence, it becomes a better control method for energy storage connector suppliers in China.

Beneficial Features:

  • High Voltage Endurance: The reliability of HVDC contactors to handle large voltage magnitudes makes them suitable candidates for high-powered applications.
  • Low Power Use: We usually design such contactors to be efficient and may even handle high voltage. In turn, consumes less power, thereby helping to save energy generally.
  • Compact Design: The compactness of HVDC contactors means you can use them in many different systems. That too, with minimal space requirements but no compromises in performance.
  • Reliable Switching: The switching processes are reliable with these precision-engineered contactors. This ensures that the whole electrical system is safer and effective.
  • Better Durability: Being a supplier, we build the HVDC contractors to withstand extreme conditions. These conditions are usually associated with heavy-duty use in high voltage.

With this knowledge, businesses can employ these features to make their uses of high power more dependable and economical.

How to Efficiently Make Use of Them:

The DC High Voltage Contactors is one of the most critical components when developing an electric traction system, which is why this announcement was so successful for Littelfuse.

As Todd Philips, a senior product manager of commercial vehicles from Littolfse, remarked, “This addition to our lineup of DC contactors allows design engineers more flexibility in creating high power commercial electric trucks.” We also provide dependable high-current switching parts for electrical control systems that satisfy industrial users’ requirements.

500 A is the amount of continuous current, and 1800 V is the maximum voltage that Littelfuse dc contactor relays can handle. Several designs satisfy the needs of several applications, including:

  • Electric forklifts and tow motors.
  • Fully electric construction gear
  • Electric-powered trucks for delivery, maintenance, and movement.
  • Heavy trucks and EV buses

Electric Car System: 

Electric control systems of engineering machine, communication power supply; UPS.

In spring 2020, Littefuse introduced four high-voltage DC contactor relay series, namely DCNLEV, DCNEVT, DCNEV, and DCNSRV, for electric car and alternative energy applications. The increasing portfolio now includes:

  • DCNLR Series: Remote-operated safety contactor for disconnection dc source from continuous drive line equipment and similar applications.
  • DCNHR Series: resin body contactor (corrosion resistant) is used for demanding automotive applications; permanent magnet blows the horizontal magnetic field for high voltage DC cut off; sealed contact ensures safety.
  • DCNLB Series: normally closed contactor (single or double coils) that may make and break up to 1600A, standard communication /UPS/industrial electrical controls.
  • DCNLM Series: fixed applications such as electrical control systems for communications power supply, industrial equipment, and UPS with a switching rating of 400 A.
  • DCNLJ Series: contactor switch high current in material handling, UPS, industrial machine electric control system; polarized models for 96 v(110v max.), non-polarized models for 48 v(60v max),125a,
  • DCNLH Series: magnetically latching, bistable contactor relay for high-current contact switching in telecom, datacom power supply, and industrial control equipment; can make and break 800 A. 

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