BC5 series auxiliary protectors can be used in electrical systems with rated current 3A to 50A, 50/60Hz, voltage AC 250V and DC65V to protect against overload and circuit short circuit. It is mainly used in industrial automation equipment, telecommunication equipment, communication power supply, UPS, etc.

Basic parameters

Maximum Voltage: 125/250VAC 50/60 Hz, 32/65VDC

Current rating: 3A-50A

Insulation resistance: at least 100 megohms at 500VDC

Dielectric Strength: 1500V, 50/60Hz, one minute between all terminals

Reset time: ≤60s

Working temperature range: -10℃~+60℃

Standard: IEC 60934, UL1077, GB17701, CSA235

Torque: BC5-25: 1.5-2. 0N m, BC5-50: 1.7-2.3N m