BSBC10P Series

BSBC10P Series


Rated Voltage:  1000V,1500V

Rated Current:  250A,350A,500A,600A

Coil Voltage: 12VDC,24VDC

Auxiliary contact: available

Authentication certificate: UL,TUV, CE.



This series of contactor are mainly used insuper fast charging, photovoltaic equipment, industrial equipment, commercial energy storage and other high-voltage equipment.


  • Ceramic brazing sealing technology, no arc leakage risk, ensure no fire, no burst;
  • Potting hydrogen gas, effectively prevent contact oxidation and burning loss, low and stable contact resistance;
  • Rated working voltage up to 1500VDC, 250-600A, 85 ℃, long-term current carrying capacity;
  • Meet the requirements for abnormal working conditions and be able to break the 10In of over current;
  • Insulation resistance up to 1000MΩ(1000VDC), medium voltage in line with IEC60664-1 requirements.