Hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker-BSB7-C63-4P

Hydraulic electromagnetic circuit breaker-BSB7-C63-4P


BSB7 series hydraulic circuit breakers are suitable for distribution lines with rated AC working voltage up to 400V, unipolar DC voltage up to 125V, bipolar voltage up to 250V, and rated current up to 63A, providing accurate and reliable protection. Widely used in overload and short circuit protection of military equipment electrical systems, national grid power distribution, industrial automation equipment, communication equipment, railway signal and power distribution, buildings, DC equipment, new energy and other equipment.


Rated current (A): 1/3/6/10/15/16/20/25/30/32/40/50/60/63 Number of poles: 1-4P Voltage (V): AC230/DC80/DC125/AC400 Breaking capacity: 6000A Installation type: 35mm standard rail Operating temperature: -40